Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Miss Sophie's Meaning

What Sophies About....

Miss Sophie has many meanings to her but the main features that our school put onto her are:

The whole design represents our journey from the coast, though the city out to the cotton growing areas. 

The ocean symbolises where we all come from and the Eastern Suburbs.  The design shows the wildlife such as turtles, jellyfish and dolphins which are found locally. We also added whales and stingrays which are the Aboriginal totem animals for our area. We  also used the silhouette technique which is based on an Aboriginal painting style.  On the sun rays the Tongan, Samoan and Maori patterns represent the multiculturalism of our school.

Our school logo is in the middle of Miss Sophie to represent our school community and that we all came together to do this project.
The bird’s eye view symbolises the city where we live. It also represents our connection with the farming industry as we use the ginned cotton that has been turned into fabric and other products.
On the opposite side of the cow there is an artwork made using traditional Aboriginal dot painting techniques to create a descriptive painting. This painting that tells the story of how the cotton is grown. First the cotton is planted then it sprouts, blooms and becomes the cotton bolls that makes the clothes you wear. 
The mirror mosaic represents the water and the irrigation system. The swirls in the mosaic represents the way the water moves.
We also added a cool feature where we put a pump in to make Miss Sophie into a fountain. The water recycles and represents the irrigation systems used for cotton farming.

By Max

Jasper final thoughts

I really like doing the project with primary school kids. I had lots of fun painting the cow. It was fun helping the primary school.
 -  BEN  -

The primary kids meet Miss Sophie

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Miss Sophie - The Mooooo-vie

Jasper - The Mooooo-vie

Miss Sophie - Painting the cotton fields

We have painted a brown background with brush flicked paint to add texture, it represents the cotton field, we separated it into four parts, The Planting, The Sprouting, The Blooming, and The Cotton

The idea is to represent four of the main stages of the cotton growing cycle. We used traditional Aboriginal dot painting techniques to reflect our school community.


                  Planting and sprouting
     Blooming and Cotton Bolls


Miss Sophie - Yr 8 painting (part 4)


· The sea creatures on the blue side of the cow represents the coast

· The logo in the middle of the cow represents our school

· The mirror represents water from irrigation

· The swirls on the face represents the movement of the irrigation water

· The water coming out of the mouth represents the irrigation system

· The brown side represents the stages of the cotton growing cycle

· The top of the cow represents the city

· The whole cow represents the journey from the coast, though the city, to the inland and the farms

·      The dolphin and whales was painted by the one and only (ME)